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Pay Equity & Functional Statements

We have had several questions about this issue. Many have asked for help in understanding the process of establishing functional statements as it applies to grade legitimacy. Grade legitimacy is based on the VHA SW Qualification Standards. They are the basis for a Professional Standards Board to establish the grade for a Functional Statement's application in boarding a social worker.

We have had multiple inquiries about the Boarding of Hybrid Title-38 social workers and the inconsistencies that exist from facility to facility and VISN to VISN. We suggested that all VA social works should review the Qualification Standards (available on the AVASW website for members) as they apply to their position's Functional Statement. This will help pinpoint if they are aligned correctly. We would also encourage anyone with this type of question to consult their local Social Work Profes-sional Standards Board (SWPSB) for guidance, if they offer that service. There are additional re-sources and references in the "Members Only" of the AVASW website. The Boarding process is over-seen by OHRM and the local Human Resources Office. While member-ship on a SWPSB is made up of VA social workers; the rules about how the process is run is handled by HR and ultimately each facility's Director or VISN Director.

As an Association, AVASW, was instrumental in the efforts to have VA social workers converted to Hybrid Title-38 staff and like so many of our colleagues we have been disappointed by how the process for boarding has not been. consistently implemented nationwide. If you have not done the things I have suggested, please try it and let us know the outcome. If you have tried it, please share with us what has occurred and we will make sure we use this information in our on-going dialogue with the Office of Care Management and Social Work Services. If you would like us to advocate for you, we need to know your grade, your position title, have a copy of your functional statement and any information you are willing to share with us about your particular circumstances. We value our members and will do all we can to assist.

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