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Professional Resources


Performance Based Interviewing (PBI)

Performance Based Interviewing (PBI) is a method to increase the effectiveness of the interviewing process in selecting and promoting quality staff. With PBI, the interviewer carefully defines the skills needed for the job and structures the interview process to elicit behavioral examples of past performance.

Research findings show that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. The job-related questions help the interviewer better evaluate applicants fairly and improve the match between people and jobs. This method is also referred to as competency-based or behavioral interviewing.

This website contains information for those preparing for interviews as well as for supervisors and trainers. Please choose the category from the PBI Links on the left side navigation which applies to you


Online Link to Information about applying for careers with the Department of Veterans Affairs and qualification requirements:



Issues raised by Members and NonMembers through our Website.

Many of you have used the “Contact Us” button on the website and we like to report to you what other Members and non-Members are asking. Over the past severl months the topics have included:
 Hybrid Title 38 Issues
o Approved Certifications & SAA’s
o Licensure & Education Questions
o VA Internships & Stipend Questions
o Boarding Questions
o Pay Equity

Approved Certifications (Tier 1? Tier 2?)

Some members have had questions about the Tiers on the “Approved Certifications List” You do not have to have a Tier 1 to obtain a Tier 2 certification. The Tiers differentiate difficulty of criteria. The National VHA SW Professional Standards Board recommends that Tier 1 certifications receive a 2 step increase and Tier 2 certifications receive 1step; however, each Facility and/or VISN may direct local and VISN Boards to award less. Some VISN's and facilities do not recognize SAA's for certifications at all. Some may authorize Spe-cial Contribution Awards and oth-ers not. So it would be up to your facility Board(s) to set their standards and ultimately your Director has the final say as these are discretionary awards. The more you educate yourself about your local SWPSB, its rules and its functions, the better your understanding of all these issues. We are available to assist you.

Required Waiting Periods

One member asked how receiving a Special Advance-ment for Achievement (SAA) impacted the routine step increases we are all entitled to as VA employees. For employees with a scheduled tour of duty, the required waiting periods are established by law for advancement to the next higher step. (See next page)

When you get an SAA it interrupts your timeline. So if you're up for a regular step increase in August and you get an SAA in May then you won't get the August step. The clock has been reset. The SAA awarded you the step early. You did not lose the step; you moved your clock up. Your next increased would come after another 104 or 156 weeks from May until you're eligible again.

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