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Jerry L. Satterwhite Hall of Fame


Terry Harbert

Mr. Harbert was employed by the Department of Veteran Affairs in June of 1971 as a staff Social Worker.  A veteran himself, he brought an experiential, personal knowledge base to his chosen, professional field.  He quickly rose to leadership roles, becoming a SWS Chief in July of 1976.

Over the years, he faced difficult challenges, but always approached them with intelligent, creative, and courageous solutions.  He was particularly known for expertise in mental health issues and professional education.  One of his greatest legacies was to train numerous SWALT graduates and to mentor many supervisees, many of whom became leaders in their own right and 3 of whom serve as AVASW officers as this nomination is written.  And he will always be remembered for his superb sense of humor!

Terry retired in June of 2007 after a 36 year VA career.  In his typical fashion of community involvement, he has helped rebuild the town of Greensburg, KS, following its almost total leveling and complete devastation from a tornado several years ago.  He has personally been responsible for helping build 24 new homes.  Thus, 24 families' lives have been positively affected, if not re-created.  Terry jokes that those families have "adopted" him and his wife, Paula, who has simultaneously led their church group in a quilt-making effort for the benefit of the Greensburg community.

Having worked with Terry, both as a subordinate and as a peer, I can definitively say that he deserves the recognition and honor of being inducted into the AVASW Hall of Fame.



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