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Great Resources Available from the
VHA Social Work Leadership Council Committees

SERVICE LINES vs. SWS  - RESEARCH OVERVIEW published by the National Social Work Research and Evidence-Based Practice committee under the direction of former chair, James Pittman and chair elect, Zephyr Carson.  As many of you know, the structure of social work varies from facility to facility.  There are pros and cons to a service line vs. a social work service structure.  Your R&EBP committee did the leg work for you to outline the history, evolution and pros and cons of both in a very professional and concise reference.

Click Here for Document: Service Lines vs. SWS

OVERVIEW OF VA PROGRAMS WHERE SOCIAL WORKERS SERVE is a reference for anyone who may be interested in programs where social workers serve in the VA.  This was developed by the National Social Work Public Relations Committee chaired by Melissa Mertensmeyer and chair elect, Jennifer Silva.  As you know, the VA is the largest national employer of Social Workers and we are continuing to grow!  Find out where we work, what we do and how we contribute to the mission of serving our nation’s Veterans!

Click Here for Document: Overview of VA Programs Where Social Workers Serve

NATIONAL SOCIAL WORK BRANDING AND STYLE GUIDE (revised) by the National Social Work Public Relations Committee under the guidance of former chair, Kimberly Sheer and chair elect, Melissa Mertensmeyer.  This is a revised edition of a previously published guide for producing public relations materials.  It is meant to increase a national branding of the products and VA SWS identity.  If you create products (handouts, flyers, presentations) locally, you will want to save this one!

Click Here for Document: National Social Work Branding and Style Guide

MILITARY FACTS FOR NON-MILITARY SOCIAL WORKERS (update) National Social Work Staffing and Clinical Practice Committee chaired by Kurt Bruckbauer and chair elect, Jennifer Halter.  This is a wonderful resource that has recently been updated.  This is something that could be used for staff training or a great desk reference – especially when working with our OEF/OIF/OND Veterans-in-transition who are still speaking in military acronyms!

Click Here for Document: Military Facts for Non-Military Social Workers

For additional resources, please visit our member’s only resource page at www.vasocialworkers.org  


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