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AVASW Presentation to the Commission on Care


On January 21st, 2017 LeAnn Bruce, AVASW Past President and Education Chair and Jerry Satterwhite, previous AVASW Congressional Liaison provided a presentation on behalf of the AVASW to the Commission on Care.  In Section 202 of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act (VACAA) of 2014, Congress established the Commission on Care (Commission), charging it to examine veterans’ access to Department of Veterans Affairs health care and to examine strategically how best to organize the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), locate health resources, and deliver health care to veterans during the next 20 years. The Commission reports to the President of the United States through the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Along with presentations by our psychologist, psychiatrist, physician, and nurse counterparts, our AVASW representatives provided information to the commission about the vital role Social Workers play in the delivery of comprehensive, inter-disciplinary, patient-centered care in the VA. We emphasized that this model is unparalleled and highly effective.   The Commissioners asked several pertinent questions and stated that it is their mission to review and consider the strengths and the challenges of the VA and how we can best interface with the community on behalf of our Veterans.  One option being considered is to expand the Veterans Choice program and utilize more services in the communities through purchased care programs. 

Overwhelmingly, all of the groups presenting hoped to ensure that the Commissioners fully understood the ramifications of fragmenting the care our Veterans received and how it would affect Communication, Coordination and Quality.  We felt that is was a great honor to have this opportunity to represent our dedicated VA Social Workers.





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