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Association of VA Psychologist Leaders, Association of VA Social Workers, American Psychological Association, and National Association of Social Workers... Jointly Address Proposed Efforts to Expand VA Choice Program


Many veterans wait unacceptably long times for appointments in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). The Veterans Access, Choice, Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 Choice Card Program was enacted as a three-year solution to address access problems for selected veterans. One year into that pilot, there are concerted Congressional efforts to expand the Choice Program, and make it permanent. There are no additional appropriations in the Choice Card Program expansion bills; funding for expanding the Choice Card Program would come by siphoning allocations from VHA Medical Centers & Community Based Outpatient Clinics -- downsizing the number of VHA providers and programs. The effect over time would be to dismantle the VHA system and privatize care for veterans. The proposed expansion of Choice is predicated on popular myths, which are critiqued HERE

Please feel free to download the document and share with your peers and YOUR Congressional Representatives. It's time we unite for our veterans and their families and take action NOW!

Thank you to the Association of VA Psychologist Leaders for taking the lead on this initiative!





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