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The Association of VA Social Workers encourages the development of comprehensive Social Work services to veteran beneficiaries through education and training, leadership, promotion, and the sharing of information to enhance the effectiveness of Social Work. The Association advocates for the recruitment, retention, and increased recognition of  Social Workers of the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). At this time, there are more than 12,000 social workers throughout the VA system. More than 1500 student interns are preparing for their Masters level social work degrees (from AVASWPostercolleges and universities approved by the Council on Social Work Education), many of whom are receiving VA educational stipiends during their field placements in the VA. (How VA Social Workers Help Veterans)

AVASW can advocate and educate Congress on issues that affect VA social work; whereas, federal employees can not.  The tension as a professional social worker, seeking treatment, justice, equity etc for clients vs obligations as employees in a large, political and bureaucratic organization has the capacity to be alleviated by an association such as AVASW.

If you are, or have been, a social worker in the VA System and are not already a member, we invite you to join now! (What is AVASW?)

Happy Social Work Month Cake

Hope your Social Work Month (March) was filled with hearty celebrations! Remember that this is the 90th Anniversary of VA Social Work. So, let's continue to celebrate the many contributions that Social Workers have given in their service to veterans and caregivers over the past 90 years. Make this a Memorable Year!

From the Association of VA Social Workers Executive Committee

90th Ann Logo

Do you know that Social Workers have served veterans and their families since 1926?

Check out the Historical Documents and Powerpoint Presentation as we celebrate the 90th Anniversary of VA Social Work.


LogoAssociation of VA Psychologist Leaders, Association of VA Social Workers, American Psychological Association, and National Association of Social Workers Jointly Address Proposed Efforts to Expand VA Choice Program!




AVASW Leaders present to the National Commission on Care.

Great Resources for VA Social Workers....Great resources available from the VHA Social Work Leadership Council Committees (includes pdf articles on "Overview of National Programs Where Social Workers Serve"; "National Social Work Branding Style Guide", "Military Facts for Non-Military Social Workers";"Service Lines vs. Social Work")

VACO Case Management and Social Work Services Organizational Information

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions from Members and Non-Members

The Association of VA Social Workers answers...So WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME?


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